Improving the lives of all who call St. Louis home.

VP Saint Louis is a fraternal organization in the St. Louis region focused on service to the community, camaraderie among members and celebrating our region.

VP Saint Louis is best known for producing two of the region’s most high-profile events: the annual America’s Birthday Parade, one of the oldest and finest parades in the nation and Fair Saint Louis. These events have attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors and millions of dollars of economic activity to the Saint Louis region.

VP Saint Louis is an evolution of the Veiled Prophet organization. The organization has turned the page from the past and charted a new course of service, camaraderie and celebration in our community. The goal is to provide a fun but rewarding organization for members to give back to the region.

Originally modeled after the New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration, VP Saint Louis was founded in the 1800s by a group of prominent businessman to serve and promote the city of St. Louis by producing public events that draw visitors to the region.

VP Saint Louis’ various civic projects share the common goal of enhancing commerce and generating economic activity in the community, bringing national prominence to the St. Louis region, instilling pride in the citizens of St. Louis. Each year members and their families contribute 1,000s of hours of community service with the single goal of making St. Louis a better place to live for all.