VP Saint Louis is a fraternal organization of men in the St Louis region with a mission of making St Louis a better place to live for all.

VP Saint Louis is an evolution of the Veiled Prophet organization. The organization has turned the page from the past and charted a new course of service, camaraderie and celebration in our community. The goal is to provide a fun but rewarding organization for members to give back to the region.

VP Saint Louis fully disavows and unequivocally condemns racism in any form and disavows any racist past associated with the organization or its origins. The positive change we want to see in the region requires a diverse set of actors collaborating within an inclusive community for the greater good.

VP Saint Louis is dedicated to making St. Louis a better place to live for all.

All public service work is coordinated through the VP Community Impact Foundation. Through this foundation, VP Saint Louis seeks to enrich the lives of underserved communities in St. Louis through community service, entrepreneurial connection, board leadership, and business mentorship.

No. The veils were originally intended to convey anonymity so that no individual member could take credit for the good deeds of the organization. Over time the veils became a negative association for the previous organization that hindered its work in the community. Members no longer wear veils and are free to share their membership in VP Saint Louis with others.

Yes. The VP Saint Louis Ball is focused on inclusion, celebration, and service to the community. Daughters of members in good standing are invited to participate in the Ball during their junior year of college. At the Ball each debutant is escorted by a VP Saint Louis member of her choice. The escort is usually a relative or close family friend. Each of the participating young ladies completes six or more community service projects with her family leading up to the Ball.

Membership is open by invitation to all men in the St. Louis region. VP Saint Louis does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. Each potential member must be sponsored by a member in good standing.

VP Saint Louis is only affiliated with the VP Community Impact Foundation, America’s Birthday Parade and Fair St. Louis and Fair St. Louis Foundation. VP Saint Louis, and the preceding Veiled Prophet organization, has never been affiliated or aligned with any other organizations.