The VP Community Impact Foundation is working to make St. Louis a better place to live for all

The VP Community Impact Foundation seeks to enrich the lives of underserved communities in St. Louis through community service, entrepreneurial connection, and student mentorship.



Community service is central to VP Saint Louis and was a key focus of the previous organization. Previously known as the “Community Service Initiative” all public service activities are now coordinated through the VP Community Impact Foundation and focused on making St. Louis a better place to live for all.

Throughout the years, the various projects have included making many significant infrastructure and cultural gifts to the City of St. Louis, including lighting of the Eads Bridge, the Mississippi River Overlook and the mile-long Riverfront Promenade, and partnering in providing the Grand Staircase beneath the Arch as part of the National Park System. In addition each summer more than 50 young women and their families donate more than 3,500 hours of volunteer time to more than 30 service projects throughout the region.


VP Saint Louis members train themselves to understand the needs and aspirations of philanthropic organizations and become ‘certified’ in the skills and expectations of serving on a board of directors. Armed with this knowledge, our Community Impact Foundation then places those members with charities that would benefit from their expertise.


VP Saint Louis has a network of members who volunteer to serve as mentors for entrepreneurs in underserved areas of St Louis. Our mentors inspire through speeches, lead workshops discussing particular issues associated with new businesses, and provide one-on-one mentoring guidance and advice to aspiring business leaders. VP Saint Louis members also provide educational guidance to students looking to make career choices or simply re-enter the job market.

VP Community Impact Foundation Executive Director Wendell Covington, Jr.

(Photo by Westrich Photography)

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