100 Bicycles for “Affordable Christmas”

December 20, 2023

VP Saint Louis, in partnership with the VP Community Impact Foundation, made an incredible impact on our community during the 2023 holiday season.

The VP Saint Louis Community Impact Foundation purchased 100 bicycles from the renowned Big Shark Bicycle Company, which to gift to Mission: St. Louis for their “Affordable Christmas” event. This special occasion allowed individuals to provide up to four gifts for four children, ensuring that no child in need goes without a gift during the holidays. The bicycles are sure to be some of the most cherished items available for selection.

On November 11, 2023 members of VP Saint Louis gathered at our headquarters  to assemble the bicycles. This moment not only symbolized the joy these gifts will bring but also highlighted our commitment to community involvement.

As the bicycles came together, VP Saint Louis also presented Mission: St. Louis with a generous donation of $5,000. This monetary contribution further supported their commendable efforts in making the holidays brighter for the less fortunate.

In the true spirit of community, VP Saint Louis members actively participated in the Mission: St. Louis event, volunteering their time alongside other organizations. This hands-on involvement underscores our dedication to creating a meaningful impact within our local community.

We believe that this event truly encapsulates the essence of the holiday season.

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