Mission St. Louis

June 23, 2023

Each year, during the first or second week of December, VP Saint Louis volunteers eagerly participate in Mission St. Louis' "Affordable Christmas" event. This heartwarming initiative takes place at the Mission STL headquarters on North Grand in St. Louis, offering a special opportunity for Mission STL clients to shop for Christmas items for their families.

At VP Saint Louis, we contribute funds to Mission STL, enabling them to purchase these items and offer them at dramatically lower prices. With the help of our dedicated team of 50 or so volunteers, we assist the clients in shopping, wrapping their gifts, and delivering the packages to their cars, ensuring a memorable and joyful holiday season for all.

Affordable Christmas is a testament to the power of community coming together to create meaningful and impactful experiences for those in need. By offering affordable options for Christmas gifts, we aim to alleviate the financial burden faced by Mission STL clients, enabling them to provide their families with special presents and holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

As volunteers, we go above and beyond to make this event a truly magical experience. Our team of dedicated individuals is committed to helping the clients navigate the shopping process, offering guidance and support along the way. We assist in selecting the perfect gifts, ensuring that each client can find something special for every family member. With a spirit of warmth and generosity, we wrap each gift with care, transforming them into beautiful packages filled with love.

The joy of Affordable Christmas doesn't stop there. We also take it upon ourselves to personally deliver the gift packages to the clients' cars, providing an added touch of convenience and a heartfelt gesture of community support. These small acts of kindness go a long way in brightening the holiday season for our Mission STL friends.

At VP Saint Louis, we firmly believe in the power of giving back to our community. Affordable Christmas is more than just an event—it's an opportunity to create connections, foster a sense of belonging, and remind each person involved that they are seen and valued. Through our collective efforts, we aim to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of those we serve, spreading joy and cheer during a time that can be challenging for many.

But our commitment to the community extends far beyond the holiday season. We strive to support Mission STL and their clients throughout the year, offering resources, mentorship, and a helping hand whenever needed. By working hand in hand, we can uplift and empower one another, creating a stronger and more vibrant community for all.

At VP Saint Louis, we believe that the true spirit of the holiday season lies in giving back and supporting one another. Through Affordable Christmas, we embody this spirit, coming together as a community to create lasting memories and bring smiles to the faces of those in need. Together, we can make the holiday season a time of joy, compassion, and unity.

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